Dining Facility. OAO SO-CDO UESR, Moscow

(In cooperation with ABTB)

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Timur Bashkaev, Mikhail Krymov


Total Area: 500 sq m

Project Development: 2007

Construction: 2008-2009


Space and design solutions

The object under design is located in a building situated in the Central Administrative Region, Kitaygorodskoye TU, Kitaygorodskiy proyezd, 7, bldg. 3, Moscow. 
The project provides for a dining facility (which will be moved from the third floor), which caters pre-cooked hot meals.

The dining facilities under design have a total area of 516 sq m and include a 70-seat dining room, a 12-seat VIP area (dining room and restroom), service and auxiliary rooms.

The rooms are located on the first floor in 9”—14, Д—К axes, partially in the main building space, partially in the annex.

The mark for all rooms is 400 mm higher than the lobby mark. A stairway and a ramp lead from the lobby towards the hallway at this mark. The service room group has a separate entrance in the stairway area.  The entrance to the main dining room is located further down the hallway. The rest of the hallway is separated by a glass partition with a two-flap door. In this part, a VIP entrance is located. The main dining room has an external wall made of a continuous stained glass on metal consoles, which provides natural lighting for the room.  Service rooms – training classroom and administrative offices - are lit by natural lighting through the same stained glass. They are also separated by a different stained glass installed in parallel to the exterior stained glass, which shields the dining room. The food counter is located near the entrance to the dining room and is separated from the passage by a rail.  Food delivery to, and evacuation from the dining facility is provided through the passage between the buildings, to which the door on the axis 12 opens.

The main room is finished with natural stone and decorative veneer panels on the walls, ceramic granite on the floor, drywall and partially decorated veneer panels on the ceiling. In addition, small glass partitions are installed in two places, which separate the entrance area with sinks, the food counter and the dining room.

VIP room is finished with carved veneer panels carrying light fixtures. The ceiling is finished with drywall and veneer panels carrying built-in light fixtures, and the floor is covered with ceramic granite.  
The walls in the kitchen area are covered with ceramic tiles, the ceilings are made of suspended Armstrong modules, and the floor is covered with ceramic granite.  

The walls in the service rooms are finished with drywall, the ceiling is made of suspended Armstrong modules, and the floor is made of laminated fiberboard (the floors in hallways and secure room are made of ceramic granite).