Golf club «Peterhof Lakes Course», Saint Petersburg, Russia

Architects: Mikhail Krymov, Aleksei Goriainov, Irina Cociuc, Elena Utkina, Diana Fish

Design: 2014


The architectural concept of Golf Academy  is based on the visual game of architectural shape and the harmony of the selected materials.

Being simple in layout building develops its own dynamics in volume.

Massive volume of Golf Academy building, lined with gray stone, is harmoniously connected with glazed terrace which also acts as a lounge with seating areas and a reception desk.

Bright color accent of the project is a yellow broken in shape roof. The shape of the roof sets the dynamics of the volume, allowing getting different visual images of the shape from different view-points.

Windows shape has an interesting modern architectural solution. Windows are hidden behind louvers which underline the corners of the building and create the game of light and shadow. This technique does not visually destroy the architectural shape of the building.

Glass volume is equipped with inclined fabric shutters that can be open during sunny days to prevent the overheating of the room.